Why Should I Change my Car's Air Filters?

How many times have you had your oil changed, only to shrug when the tech asks you if you'd like your cabin air filter or engine air filter changed? At Patterson Honda, we know the feeling -after all, we're drivers just like you.

So while changing your cabin air filter might seem like a nuisance or a blatant attempt to upsell you on a routine maintenance like an oil change, it's actually an important facet of your car's health. Equally important is keeping your car's engine air filter fresh.

What does a car engine air filter do, exactly? For starters, it helps to prevent harmful contamination from entering your engine engine and causing damage to internal components. From dirt and dust to gravel and leaves, your engine air filter helps keep out contaminants that can reduce the efficiency of your engine.

The cabin air filter, meanwhile, prevents both environmental and mechanical contamination from entering the car. Noticing the smell of trucks ahead of you on the road? Feel like you smell gas when you're in stop and go traffic? It could mean your cabin air filter is due for a change. As the cabin air filter becomes contaminated it can also potentially cause your air conditioning and heating systems to cast off unpleasant smells, and in extreme cases, reduce their efficiency of the HVAC.

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