Should You Lease or Buy Your Next Honda?

Buying a new or used Honda is so exciting isn't it? There is the delicious period of perusing the lot, trying out different cars, trucks and SUVs and picturing yourself behind the wheel of each. There is the new-car smell that is so intoxicating. And there's the fun of chatting with the sales person and taking your favorite Honda vehicle (or two or three) out for a test drive.

At Patterson Honda we love all things vehicle-related. But what we love most of all might surprise you: it's the people who come into our dealership. Helping someone to make an automotive match, describing the features and specs of different Honda vehicles, answering questions and assisting with the Honda financing and leasing process these are all things that challenge us, in a good way.


When you're ready to get an auto lease for your new Honda, please consider our dealership. Here are some great reasons to lease your new Honda:

Leasing a New Honda: The Benefits

  • When you lease a new car, truck or SUV, you're typically able to get a more expensive vehicle for the same, or even less of a monthly payment
  • There is generally less of a down payment required to lease a new vehicle than when you buy one
  • Drivers who lease have little or no repair costs because leased vehicles are still under factory warranty
  • When the lease period is over you can simply fill out a bit of paperwork and choose you're a newer model for your next lease period

Ready to come in and find your new automotive match? Our friendly, helpful team here at Patterson Honda is ready and waiting for your visit. We look forward to serving you soon at our dealership here in Wichita Falls, TX.



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