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Honda Management

Mo Issa, Dealer Manager

Mo is the glue that holds the dealership together. His management of the dealership is all about growth. Growth and empowerment of all dealership employees. Mo knows the strength of personal growth and promotes that in each employee. He has over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry. Starting in Sales he has moved all the way to the top during his career. His career is impressive to say the least, but his greatest accomplishment and passion is his family. Being a Family centered Husband and Father has been his motivation for his very successful career. Mo is very much a "car guy" and absolutely loves classic cars. He enjoys tinkering with them but mostly spends time with his beautiful Wife of 35 years along with his kids and grandkids. 

Cody Lucas, New Car Manager

Cody is a driven and passionate leader. Equipped with 4 years of dealership experience. He quickly moved to management during his career and has taken the New Car Department to new levels of success! Cody is a critical part of our dealership and at home. He is a dedicated Husband and Father of 4. When Cody is home, he spends time with his family and Church family. Cody's favorite Honda vehicle is the Honda Odyssey!

Kevin Jones, Used Car Manager

Kevin has 20 years of dealership experience. He continues to grow and outgrow each position he has held at Patterson Honda. In his 5 years at Patterson Honda, he has had 3 promotions! Used Car Manager is a crucial part of the dealership, and his knowledge is invaluable! Kevin is a powerful force behind the sales team. He is quite the History buff and loves reading, traveling and working out.

Jessika Springer, Internet Sales Manager

Jessika has 10 years of dealership experience. She is driven and dedicated and always helpful in any role she plays. Jessika has been with Patterson Honda for over a year and has held 3 positions in that time!! She loves her 2022 Honda Civic Touring but plans to upgrade to the all new 2023 Honda Pilot Trail Sport to help with ever growing farm chores. Currently her family has 26 Chickens, 2 pigs and 2 dogs. However, when she does have free time she always spends it reading.

BJ Trojacek, Fixed Operations Director

BJ has 26 years of dealership experience. He is an avid car guy and spends his spare time modifying race cars. BJ has earned many specialty certifications and has an extensive knowledge with many brands: GM World Class Certification, Toyota Master Diagnostic Technician, BMW Level 1 Master Technician and ASE Master & Advanced Level Specialist. We are lucky to have BJ on our team! When he isn't working at the dealership or on his personal Honda NSX. BJ is watching the Pittsburgh Penguins.



Brandy Ruggles, Receptionist

Brandy is new to the dealership world but not to customer service! She has years of customer service experience, and it shows daily. Brandy always tries to make everyone's smile brighter than it was before their interaction. It does help that she is Cajun and always has some funny saying or phrase. It makes for quite the icebreaker around the dealership. She also loves the older Hondas, and her family has a 1997 Civic Hatchback. Brandy is a very adventurous and a very proud Mom. Most of her free time is spent making memories with her family, riding motorcycles and trying new foods. We are very excited to see how she grows into her new role and already appreciate everything she is doing at the dealership. 

Odalys Arana, Receptionist

Odalys has been with Patterson Honda for a year and a half. She juggles going to Dental Hygiene School and working, flawlessly. Odalys keeps a near perfect GPA and work schedule. She loves to read and shop in her spare time. Odalys says her favorite car is the Honda Accord and is working towards purchasing a new one after graduating! She is a spicy food enthusiast and can definitely handle the heat. Thank you for all that you do at the dealership!

Adriana Castro, Administrative Assistant

Adriana is new to the dealership world but not to hard work! We are so impressed with her daily drive and dedication. She is already taking on many extra duties and maximizing efficiencies. Adriana is always smiling and loves to make others smile with puns. She loves spending time doing Trivia or Karaoke but mostly spending time with her husband and 2 cats. She started out with a Honda Accord and still holds them near and dear but her most favorite Honda is a CRX Hatchback.

Patsy Jackson, Accounts Payable

Patsy has 30 years of dealership experience. She is an incredible employee who is always up to any challenge. Patsy loves quilting, gardening, her family and her adorable pups. She has been Married for 56 years and has 5 grandkids and 3 great grandchildren. Patsy started as a service department cashier and moved to accounting in 2008. She is also quite the dancing queen and loves to square dance. Thank you Ms. Patsy for all that you do!

Tiffany Tate, Administrative Assistant

Tiffany has been with the dealership for 3 years. She has juggled college and her career flawlessly. Tiffany was recently promoted to the accounting office and just graduated from MSU. She is dedicated and driven in every aspect of her life. Tiffany loves bodybuilding, weightlifting, reading and cooking. She also recently competed in her first bodybuilding competition and won not only once, twice but THREE times!!! Way to go Tiffany!!! 

Kathy Arledge, Administrative Assistant

Kathy is an incredible team member. She is always taking care of anything she can to make things run smoothly at the dealership. Kathy has an incredible work ethic and is a truly valued employee. She has many personal and professional accomplishments. Kathy has 5 children and is also retired from law enforcement. She loves to travel and once was surprised by a baby shark swimming next to her in the ocean!!!

Stefanie Whitehead, Title Clerk

Stefanie has been with Patterson Honda for almost a year. Her biggest accomplishment is her sons. Stefanie is a dedicated Mother and spends most of her time on various sports fields with her kids. She spends the rest of her time enjoying shopping and creating adventurous memories with her family.



Brian Ozment, Senior Service Advisor

Brian has 38 years of dealership experience. Starting as a technician he has a wealth of automotive knowledge. Brian has an easy and fun going demeanor that helps to make sure his customers are happy. He is the life of the party at the dealership with his easygoing mentality. Brian loves spending his personal time with his family and going to the lake. He is also quite the cook but has an adventurous side that loves to ride his motorcycle. Brian never meets a stranger and loves to talk with all customers. He is always smiling and laughing making everyone's bad days better. Brian is such an important part of the Service team and is irreplaceable. Thank you so much for everything you do Brian!!

Dillon Luke, Service Advisor

Dillon is new to Patterson Honda but is a crucial part of the Service Department. He started his automotive career as a Diesel Mechanic but changed career paths and is now one of our Rockstar Service Advisors. Dillon is a Football Fanatic and enjoys working out and focuses on a healthy lifestyle. He is very family focused and enjoys the summer Texas weather at the lake as much as he can. We appreciate you Dillon!!

Savannah Kirkpatrick, Internal Service Advisor

Savannah has been with the dealership for 2 years. She is constantly juggling multiple positions and always pitches in where she can help out. Savannah is a bit of a green thumb and loves to garden but is more importantly a proud Mom.  Thank you for all of your hard work!

John Lucas, Shuttle Driver

John affectionately known as "Big John" or "Papa John" around the dealership is always smiling and pitching in anywhere he possibly can. He loves to make others happy, and he has a special way with the customers. John has a very customer-oriented position within the company and he takes pride in it. Customers love John and how friendly he is, and it helps he is a good driver as well. John loves to cook and is always making something yummy and bringing it into the dealership for everyone to enjoy. He loves fishing and hunting and spending time with loved ones. He is a proud Father and Grandfather and has the unique opportunity to watch his Son's impressive career at work. Thank you for everything you do and how you make everyone feel special from co-workers to customers!!

Jim Kendrick, Shuttle Driver

Jim has 16 years of dealership experience. He started as a Service Advisor and now spends his time as a shuttle driver. Service is something he is very well educated in from Automotive to Military. Jim retired from the Army as an Infantry Officer. His Military career gave him the opportunity to travel and live in Europe. Jim now enjoys time with his family and watching his Grandkids various sports. He is always friendly and willing to help with whatever is needed at the dealership and we appreciate everything he does!  


Service Technicians

Brady Huffstutler , Honda Certified Master Automotive Technician

Brady is a Honda Certified Master Technician. He has 22 years of experience, and his automotive knowledge is incredible.  Brady is often looked up to by everyone at the dealership and not only because he is very tall. He loves camping and the outdoors with his family. Brady is a very valued team member, and we look forward to the next 22 years! Thank you Brady for all you do!

Craig Harrell, Honda Certified Master Automotive Technician

Craig has an astonishing 38 years of Automotive Experience. He is a Honda Certified Master Technician. That is a huge accomplishment, but Craig is the go-to guy to work on any vehicle. His knowledge is impressive to say the least. Craig is a true "Car Guy" he also loves boats and motorcycles though. He is also the resident DJ in the service department. Craig always has the radio going and a smile on his face. He is truly a pleasure to work with. Craig is very adventurous and says "Life is to live and have fun while doing it." Thank you Craig for everything you do and have done for the dealership!

Jeff Roa, Used Inventory Technician

Jeff has an amazing 39 years of experience. He is our Pre-Owned Inventory Technician. Every Pre-Owned vehicle is worked on by Jeff. He makes sure everything is safe and working properly before it ever is sold. Jeff is always working hard and takes pride in is work. He spends his spare time reading and fishing. Jeff has a green thumb though and loves to garden as well. Spending time with his grandkids is the highlight of his life. Of the Honda line up Jeff's favorite is the Honda S2000. Thank you for everything you do and for the pride you take in your work!

Juan Lopez, Apprentice Technician

Juan is new to the Automotive industry. He recently graduated with his Automotive Technology Degree and is learning even more with hands on experience. Juan is being trained by the best! He currently works with both of our Master Technicians, but he pitches in all over the dealership. Juan loves the sportier side of Honda and drives a Honda SI. With the SI and also the CRX being his favorite models. Thank you for everything you do and we look forward to seeing where your career leads you!!! 

Keith Hoepfner, Express Technician

Keith has been with Patterson Honda for almost 4 years. He is currently an Express Technician and is entrusted with thousands of customer vehicles each year. Keith is an outstanding employee and has even earned Employee of the Year while working here. He loves the outdoors and rides his motorcycle on any beautiful day that he can. Keith loves Fishing with his kids. He also has a great since of humor and is a great co-worker. Keith, we appreciate everything you do at the dealership and look forward to many more years with you! 

Owen Johnson, Express Technician

Owen is new to the Automotive industry. He recently graduated from Vernon College's Automotive Program. Owen loves working on cars at work and personally especially on his Camaro. He has a great personality and is a hard worker. Owen is a huge baseball fan, he loves to watch and also collect memorabilia. He has quite the collection of autographed baseball cards. His vehicle collection also grew recently with the purchase of his favorite Honda Model. The Honda Civic Hatchback! Owen you are a wonderful employee and great co-worker, and we are already impressed with your automotive journey! 



Pat Shirey, Parts Advisor

Pat has an impressive 35 years of dealership experience. He has a very extensive parts knowledge, and we tap into his expertise frequently. Pat is quieter by nature but can really talk your ear off when he warms up to you. He said he was a bit wilder in his younger days and didn't picture living past 30. Not only did he pass that milestone he past 35 years in the same career!!! Pat  used to avidly enjoy the outdoors and hunting. We appreciate you and all of your hard work and dedication!



Fili Hernandez, Sales Professional

Fili has been with Patterson Honda for 3 years. He has an incredible personality and a drive to help all customers. Fili consistently has one of the very best scores for customer satisfaction and customer referrals. He is happily married and has 3 amazing girls. Every chance he gets he is going fishing with his family. Fili is very family centered and loves making his customers happy feel like family as well. Also Fili is bilingual!!

Jane Gonzalez, Sales Professional

Jane is new to her career at Patterson Honda, but not new to the Dealership world. She has 3 years of automotive sales experience. Jane is so absolutely genuine and kindhearted. She has already taken us by surprise with her easy-going and fun spirit. Jane is quickly building a customer base of overjoyed customers! She loves biking and hiking and is looking forward to getting to know the Wichita Falls area. Jane is very ambitious and loves traveling with her husband. She is also bilingual!

Ray Roberts, Sales Professional

Ray is new to the dealership life but is quickly learning the ins and outs. He is very driven and recently graduated from MSU. Ray loves playing soccer and tennis. His latest goal is to purchase an all New 2023 Honda CR-V and continue to grow his happy customer base. 

Ricardo Small, Sales Professional

Ricardo has 6 years of Dealership experience. He has an incredible attitude and is always smiling and laughing. Ricardo has a larger-than-life positive demeanor that his Customers love. The light of his life is his Daughter Summer, who most certainly has him wrapped around her finger. Ricardo is a Combat Veteran who served 4 years in the United States Army. He served during Operation Iraqi Freedom as a Chemical Specialist.  Thank you for your Service Ricardo!!

Rob Agu, Sales Professional

Rob has 5 years of Dealership experience and always puts his customers first. He is " Rob, Your Car Guy". Rob always goes above and beyond for his customers. Making sure everyone feels like a valued part of Patterson Honda's family. He loves photography, reading and playing his ukulele. Rob is a very passionate advocate for the Humane Society and is truly an animal lover. When not at work he spends as much time with his Son as possible! Thanks for being a valued team member, Rob! 

Stran Smith, Sales Professional

Stran has 4 years of Dealership experience and is an incredible team leader on the sales floor. He has consistently achieved Salesperson of the Year, 3 years in a row. Stran loves to play golf and watch football with his friends and family. He has built his customer base on social media and loves sharing his customer's happy moments along with up-to-date inventory options. Thank you Stran for all of your hard work!



Joey Lara, Finance Director

Joey has been with Patterson Honda for 12 years. During which he has held 4 positions. Starting on the Sales Team he quickly moved to Sales Manager then to Finance Manager and now Finance Director. Joey started his professional career path with The United States Air Force and that dedication and determination follows his work ethic. He enjoys gaming, BMX Bikes, RC Cars and paintball but spends most of his spare time with his amazing family. Thank you for your Service and all that you do, Joey!!!

Chase Crawford, Finance Manager

Chase has 8 years of dealership experience. His finance knowledge is very impressive. Chase has a comfortable and easy demeanor with his customers. He ensures each customer is happy with their purchase. Chase is a musician at heart and plays guitar frequently at the dealership. His career started in the Navy and he quickly rose in the ranks. Chase is a very dedicated Husband and Father stating it to be his biggest accomplishment. He loves the classic Hondas such as the Honda NSX and S5000. Chase has a huge and very educated personality. Not many people know he is a self-proclaimed "Physics Nerd". Thank you for your Service and everything you help the dealership accomplish, Chase!