Safety technology and intuitive driving features are on the rise in the auto market. As a popular subcompact hatchback, the Honda Fit incorporates many of these features into its recent design.

A couple of the most handy Honda Fit technology features include Lane Departure Warning/Lane Keeping Assist and Forward Collision Mitigation Braking. These features were implemented with a goal to reduce or prevent accidents. While Lane Departure Warning/Lane Keeping Assist helps prevent you from veering and initiating an accident, Forward Collision Mitigation Braking aides in responding to quick braking by other vehicles in an attempt to prevent collisions. Not only do these alerts make drivers aware of the situation at hand, these also initiate some form of correction.

?To see these fascinating features in action, take a fun-loving Honda Fit for a test drive today. You will fall in love with these intuitive driving and automated response elements.


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