Knowing How Extreme Temperatures Affect Your Vehicle's Battery Can Help Keep It Running

Here at Patterson Honda, we want our customers to be as knowledgeable as possible before they leave our lot and tackle the streets of Wichita Falls, TX. This includes situations that can alter different aspects of the vehicle such as its battery. Extreme weather can affect your vehicle's battery in ways that you should know.

Automobile batteries are designed to function within a range of temperatures, but the extremes on either end can have a negative affect. The worst-case scenario results in a battery that is drained. During the winter months, there are three main factors that can cause your vehicle's battery to die. Cold temperatures and an aging battery can reduce the battery's capacity. The other factor is increased draw from the starter motor and other accessories.

Hot temperatures, like the cold, can also have a negative effect on vehicle batteries. The temperature that a vehicle battery has to consistently operate in has a direct effect on the lifespan of the battery. The hotter the temperature, the shorter the lifespan. These issues can be avoided by making sure the battery is charged during the winter and monitoring the battery electrolyte levels during the summer.


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