Automotive Knowledge: The Purpose of Gaskets

Our associates at Paterson Honda remain committed to our customers, and we are always happy to offer information that helps them understand their vehicles. Gaskets are important because they bind at least two surfaces together, which prevents any gases or fluids from leaking or mixing.

Gaskets are long-lasting and can withstand extreme temperatures. They will need to be replaced with time. It is necessary to replace your gaskets because deteriorating gaskets can cause serious damage to your car. You can keep your gaskets in good condition by maintaining coolant and engine oil levels. Furthermore, using a manufacturer-recommended oil and coolant will also extend the life of your gaskets.

If you notice bubbling, gurgling, or foaming coming from under the hood, then high levels of compression may have caused holes in your gaskets. You should also look out for a white substance in or around your oil, which can indicate that a gasket is failing.



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