Caring for Your Vehicle: Why You Should Keep Your Car Washed

Our customers at Patterson Honda are important to us, and we always try to provide them with information that keeps their vehicles in good condition. If your exterior is kept in good condition, it will increase its resale/trade-in value and keep it looking new. Washing your vehicle regularly is one of the best ways to keep the exterior shiny and free of damage.

Washing your vehicle rids the exterior of dirt, pollen, debris, and other contaminants. Dirt that is left on the exterior can cause scratches, rusting, and damage to the protective coat. It also improves fuel efficiency. A vehicle that is clean is 10 percent more fuel efficient than a dirty vehicle.

You should wash your vehicle once a week if you have a long commute to work. This will remove bug splatter and other debris from the exterior. If you have your car parked in the garage most of the time, then you can probably wash it about once a month.



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