Dog-Friendly Vehicle Considerations

Families often purchase new vehicles based on the needs of the number of people they need to accommodate. However, they might not take their four-legged friends into consideration. There are a number of characteristics to think about if planning on traveling with a pet.

Fur, carsickness and dirty paws may influence potential owners to find vehicles having washable floor mats and seat covers. Small dogs feel comfy curling up in bucket seats. However, larger species require the size provided by traditional bench seats. Make sure the vehicle has buckles that enable pet owners to fasten doggie harnesses or seat belts.

Climate control is another issue. While front seat passengers might be comfortably cool or warm, rear seat passengers might not fair as well. Determine if the vehicle has independent climate control options throughout the vehicle. Think about the ease of entering and exiting the vehicle too. Explore our new Honda inventory to find your next pet-friendly vehicle.



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