How to Fix the Oversteering and Understeering Issue

One of the best things about driving is that almost every problem is going to have a solution. When it comes to issues such as oversteering and understeering, you are going to have to consult sources of information such as Patterson Honda in order to get solutions that you can use for these occurrences.

When it comes to understeering, you can solve this problem by applying more suspension and increasing the front wing. With this approach, you not only solve the issue with understeering but also prevent anymore occurrences of understeering. Making adjustments to the tire pressure is also helpful.

For oversteering, the opposite is needed. After all, oversteering is the opposite of understeering. Therefore, the suspension and front wing is to be reduced. One thing to remember is that oversteering is not that big of a problem in normal road conditions. However, you do need to be careful when it is wet.



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