What Can be Repaired if You Get a Chip in Your Windshield?

While there are cases when the windshield can be repaired, there are also times when you are going to have to replace the windshield with a new one. After all, not all damages to the windshield could be adequately fixed. Therefore, you have to check before trying to repair the windshield.

The types of damages to the windshield that can be fixed are small chips. When the windshield repair technology is applied to the windshield, the air in the small chip is forced out and the bond has been made. While the damage can still be seen, it is in the form of a small blemish or a speck.

When it comes to some of the larger cracks, any attempt to repair the windshield is usually unsuccessful. It is better to just go ahead and change the windshield. Even with a repaired windshield, you may have to get your windshield replaced at some point.



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