Know When to Replace Your Bulbs

Like with other parts of the vehicle, headlights can go out on you. This is why you should check on the life expectancy of each headlights. This is so that you don't get caught in an emergency when your headlights fail you all of a sudden.

All you need to know is the type of headlights you have. Once you know that, then you need information on how long the type of headlights you have typically last. You also need to factor in the amount of time you use headlights on the road so that you will be ready to change them out.

With halogen headlights, you can expect them to last you up to 1,000 hours. The HID headlights can last you anywhere from 2,000 to 3,000 miles. The miles that you use your headlights also factor in the longevity of your headlights.



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