Before heading back to school as a teacher, parent, or student who drives, there are a few ways that you can get your car ready so that it's reliable when it's needed. The first step would be to examine details under the hood. Check the oil, the transmission fluid, and the coolant level. If you notice any leaks, Patterson Honda can look to see where they are coming from and repair issues that are present.

Test the battery and the alternator to ensure that they are both fully charged. The starter can also be checked at this time. Turn on the headlights, and have someone look to see if the taillights come on as they should. You also need to make sure the turn signals work properly.

Examine the tires on your car before heading back to school. Check the sides of the tires for uneven wear and tear that could indicate an issue with the alignment of your car. A tire gauge can be used to make sure the pressure isn't too low or too high.



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