How to Interpret Your Car's Tire Pressure Light

We publish our blog to help you maximize your driving experience. Whether you mostly drive around neighborhood or far from home, automotive knowledge improves your life. Today, we want to explore your car's tire pressure light.

Due to regulations implemented in 2007, all cars sold in America have sensors that measure your tire pressure. If any of your tires experience a dangerous pressure change, your dash-indicator array illuminates a light that looks similar to a tire that needs air. In this light's center, we find an exclamation mark.

Importantly, this light simply communicates a general tire pressure problem. It does not tell you which problem. For example, you might have multiple low tires due to cold weather, or one of your tires might have a fresh puncture. To determine your specific issue, stop your car in a safe spot, hop out with your tire gauge and check your tires' pressure.



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