Preventing Motion Sickness

If you know that you experience motion sickness, then try to desensitize yourself by taking short trips to get adjusted to being in the vehicle. While you're in a car, focus on some of the things that you normally wouldn't look at while traveling so that your mind can get adjusted to movement.

Figure out what makes you sick while traveling. It could be looking at the views right beside the road or reading a book. Try to become adjusted to these activities by introducing yourself slowly so that you can tolerate these activities on longer trips.

An easy way to prevent motion sickness is to take ginger before traveling. You can also focus on your pressure points as they can provide relaxation, keeping your mind calm while you're in the vehicle. Another option is to make the interior of the car comfortable. Visit Patterson Honda to ensure that your air and heat work properly and to get your vehicle cleaned so that it's more comfortable to ride in on trips.



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