Should You Consider Summer Tires for Your Vehicle?

The reason summer tires are the preferred choice in warmer weather over all-season tires is because they typically provide Wichita Falls drivers with better grip, handling, cornering, and braking. The treads on the summer tires have been carefully designed to increase the handling on the roads. One of the unique features of summer tires is that they have fewer grooves than all-season ones, which means that have more tread to come in contact with the road. This reduces hydroplaning on wet roads too.

The compounds that are used in the summer tires were made to offer more flexibility. When the tire can flex, they can breathe, allowing better traction. Summer tires are preferred in warm weather because the tread pattern evacuates water more rapidly, helping to lessen the chances of the car riding on the water and losing grip and sliding. Schedule your next tire rotation at Patterson Honda so we can get eyes on the tire tread all year.

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