Dashboard Light Warnings

We know that you want to have the best experience possible when you drive. We also know that you try your best to keep your car in the best shape possible. Today we will be discussing the warning lights on your dashboard. The notifications you receive were created to protect you.

The washer fluid light is particularly important. It reminds that you need to put more fluid in your car. There are many things that can put dirt on your windshield. This may include, rain, snow, and dirt residue. When you drive it is vital to your safety and others that you have a clean windshield.

The brake system warning is probably one of the most important notifications. It can tell you that your brake fluid may be running low or there is a problem with the brake system. We all know that braking should always be available to you when driving.

If you need information on warning lights be sure to go to Patterson Honda in the Wichita Falls area.

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