Prevent Engine Damage With Radiator Service

Anyone who has owned a vehicle for a substantial length of time has witnessed the dashboard temperature gauge venture into the red zone. This is a sign that the engine temperature is hotter than normal. The alert signifies that some component of the cooling system is not working as it should. The problem may be with the thermostat, the water pump, a hose, the radiator or the radiator cap. If left unattended, the extreme heat can cause severe and costly engine damage.

Another indication that the cooling system is malfunctioning, steam coming from beneath the hood requires immediate attention. You might also notice antifreeze puddles under the vehicle. Resist the urge to put off having these problems assessed. In time, the engine block may warp or the gaskets may rupture. Either scenario means a costly repair.

Play it safe and get the vehicle to one of our Honda service technicians. We will find the problem and find a solution for your Wichita Falls, TX expeditions.

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