3 Indicators of an Exhaust Leak or Damage

The chief role of an exhaust system is to prevent harmful and poisonous gases from reaching your engine, as well as preventing them from entering the cabin of your vehicle. When an exhaust system becomes inoperable, the sound can also become extremely annoying and overwhelming. However, the sound is only a symptom, rather than any potentially harmful effect. The harm is with the fumes and gases from the exhaust itself.

There are three indicators to determine if you have an exhaust leak or restricted exhaust flow:

  1. Hearing a popping, whistling, or hissing sound
  2. A vibration in the steering wheel or foot pedals
  3. A reduction in fuel efficiency

While these indicators need to be diagnosed by a qualified technician, you can often prevent further damage if you don’t ignore them. Schedule an appointment with the Honda service team at Patterson Honda for your peace of mind and safety!

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