How You Can Reduce Your Risk of Hydroplaning

Driving down the road in the sunny weather with dry pavement and warm temperatures is almost always preferred by a driver, but unfortunately, the outside elements can bring about some pretty nasty weather. As responsible motorists, we need to react accordingly so that we can remain safe while on the road. Hydroplaning is a dangerous situation that can occur when you hit a large puddle of water on the road and your vehicle loses its contact with the road. Your vehicle can basically skid across that watery surface for a moment or you can lose control of your vehicle if you aren't careful.

We here at Patterson Honda want to make sure you are safe, so let's look at some ways you can avoid hydroplaning:

  • If you see water approaching your path, don't slam on the brakes. Try to slow down as much as possible before you hit that spot.
  • If you do start to lose control, slowly utilize your brakes to stay out of other people's way and maintain control as best you can.
  • Make sure your tire tread is always at an acceptable level before driving in the rain.

Get your car ready for spring rains here at Patterson Honda. Our Honda service specialists can get your car back on the road fast and safe.

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