Chic Tech and Retro Style Define the Honda Urban EV Concept


While there have been many cars that exemplify retro styling quite nicely, the Honda Urban EV Concept car is perhaps the first purely electric vehicle to pull it off successfully. Blending an exterior that recalls the original Honda Civic hatchback (particularly in the c pillar, front fascia, and roofline) with many new sporty cues results in an all-new hot-hatch that doesn't contribute to global warming. The modern electric drivetrain technology encompassed beneath the shiny outer shell of this new Honda concept proves that electric vehicles can pull off both traditional and nontraditional styling.

The new Honda Urban EV Concept is also aptly named. It's size is conducive to busy city environments where parking is scarce and maximum efficiency reigns supreme. There's no telling whether or not this new Honda concept vehicle will actually be rolled out onto dealership floors one day. But the Honda Urban EV Concept proves one thing, for certain: electric vehicles do not have to be bland or boring.

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