Fluids In Your Vehicle Are Important - More Info About Them

If your vehicle did not have motor oil, driving anywhere may be a hassle. There are several other fluids associated with the typical, baseline operation of your vehicle. Without them, your vehicle – car, truck, SUV; doesn’t matter – could find itself not operating as it should be, and hindering your travels.

Keep a close eye on brake fluid, although it’s not likely to escape. You should check it every so often, or if your brakes respond roughly to brake pedal stimulus, then be sure to come see us for an inspection.

Coolant, as its name implies, helps maintain the regular, cool temperature of your engine. It is found in the radiator and should get checked throughout the year.

Power steering fluid should be topped off, although not checked too often – there are no detriments to checking it frequently – as it’s not likely to leak.

Contact Patterson Honda if you need help changing your fluids – our technicians are eager to help.

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