Decipher the Dashboard Warning Lights on Your Vehicle

Warning lights play a crucial role in indicating a fault inside your car’s systems. However, your dashboard warning lights do not show you a clear indication of the failure. They only provide a warning that something is amiss, giving you the opportunity to take immediate action before the situation gets out of hand. If an indicator on your dashboard is on, visit our service bay station at Patterson Honda in Wichita Falls, TX for advice and next steps. Our Honda service team is eager to share several common warning lights to get you started.

  • ABS Light: Gives an indication that the Anti-Lock Brake computer has set a code and the necessary professional attention is required
  • Cruise Control: During driving, it indicates the cruise control. The light should only indicate when you actively use your cruise control function.
  • Fog Lamp: it gives an indication that the forward fog lamps are illuminated.
  • Check Engine: This common light lets you know that there is an underlying issue with your engine, but does not tell you exactly what is wrong or the severity of the potential issue. Come in right away if your check engine light illuminates!

Jet into our auto service center in Wichita Falls for service at regular intervals or if any of your dashboard warning lights come on. We look forward to giving your Honda car or SUV the attention it deserves at our auto shop!

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